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It can sometimes be difficult to predict whether you are happy with a child viewing the content of certain movies. Is This Movie Suitable's aim is to provide helpful and informative reviews that highlight anything we feel you would want know about before committing your time and money to a trip to the cinema, movie store or streamable content.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean : Salazar's Revenge

Pirates Of The Caribbean : Salazar’s Revenge

Pirates Of The Caribbean : Salazar’s Revenge – A down-and-out Captain Jack Sparrow has lost his booty, his crew, and his ship. Dejected, and wanting to seek solace in a bottle, he trades in his one true valuable: a compass that points to theĀ greatest desire of the owner. Little does he know that the magic...


When a computer hard drive containing the names of undercover agents in terrorist cells across the world is stolen, ready to be put on sale to the highest bidder, MI6 sends James Bond to retrieve it. The failed mission ends with Bond being shot and presumed dead but when MI6 headquarters are attacked, Bond returns...