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It can sometimes be difficult to predict whether you are happy with a child viewing the content of certain movies. Is This Movie Suitable's aim is to provide helpful and informative reviews that highlight anything we feel you would want know about before committing your time and money to a trip to the cinema, movie store or streamable content.

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Laputa: Castle In The Sky

Laputa: Castle In The Sky

Laputa: Castle In The Sky – A young girl with a mysterious past finds herself being pursued by all manner of people, from shadowy government agents, the army, and air pirates. But when she falls from the sky only to float into the arms of an astonished miner’s son they both soon realise that she...
Howl's Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle

When Sophie is cursed with old age by a vain and callous witch, the only way that she can hope to restore her youth is to convince the handsome and mysterious wizard, Howl, to help her. Hitching a ride on his famous castle, she puts herself to work as his cleaner. Unlike the other residents...


Desperate for a job but lacking experience, failed cello player Daigo Kobayashi responds to an ambiguous job ad. He is shocked to find out that his new role will involve dressing the dead to make them ready for their departure to the next life. Although the first few days are traumatic, he soon realises how...