Is This Movie Suitable will be participating in the Rainbows ‘Walk of Life’ on 29th June 2014

Mike and Laura, co-creators of the ITMS website, will be taking part in the ‘Walk of Life’ for Rainbows on 29th June 2014. Laura will be doing the 3 mile walk with baby James in the buggy and Mike will take on the more challenging 10 mile route.

Who are Rainbows?

Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People (Charity Registration No. 1014051) is a charity based in the East Midlands of England. It operates as a hospice for children and young people with the mantra that children need a place to ‘play, laugh and love life’, and ‘a place where they and their families are cared for and supported’.

Rainbows is the only hospice for children and young people in the East Midlands, providing free of charge care and support to life limited children as well as their families through their hardest times.

Why are you so keen to support Rainbows?

We are very proud to support Rainbows; a wonderful charity which is local to us. They work hard to give children with life limiting health conditions the chance to enjoy their lives and also help their families to build memories and cope with their bereavements.

What is the Walk of Life?

The Walk of Life is an annual event that takes place in the county of Leicestershire. Hundreds of people all come together to take part in a charity walk of varying lengths (depending on ability and energy!) in order to help raise money and awareness for Rainbows.

Last year, Mike took part  with colleagues from his then employer. He walked (and sometimes ran) 5 miles and raised £154.53! The theme for 2013 was superheroes so he decided to dress up as Marvel’s ‘Iron Man’. Click here to see Mike’s old Just Giving page for that event (donations are now closed).

This year, Laura is looking forward to taking baby James out in the buggy for the shorter, 3 mile walk while Mike will take on the challenging 10 mile. Let’s hope that the weather will be good to us! To celebrate Rainbows’ 20th Birthday, the theme this time is ‘Colours of the Rainbow’ so we look forward to looking bright and bold as we stride on to the finish line!

How can I donate?

We hope that those who know us and our services, both personally and professionally, will be able to support us and donate to this very worthy cause by taking part in fundraising or donating. If you would like to sponsor us, please click here to go straight to the Just Giving donation page.

What is Just Giving?

We are using the Just Giving service to accept donations which is an independent facility for fund-raising. When donating through Just Giving no money ever enters our account, thus ensuring that the money you donate goes directly to the charity on completion of our walk.

Thank you for any donations you may make and wish us good luck!

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