Who are the people behind Is This Movie Suitable?

Mike Record

michael recordMike is an avid movie goer who, if the movie was particularly good, has been known to leave the theatre only to buy another ticket and go straight back in! He has a day job as a trainee lawyer but in his spare time he works in freelance journalism. He has written for such publications as comedy online magazine, Cracked, indie music site Electric Banana, and was a major contributing writer to the now sadly defunct Comedy TV is Dead, a blog dedicated to news, reviews and interviews in the world of comedy web series. He also has a keen interest in both reading and writing fiction. He is very grateful to support forums when it comes to running websites.

His favourite movie list changes so frequently that even any attempt to put it into print will result in it being out of date mere hours later. However, some superb titles never change and he is willing to commit to saying that he loves all films made by Studio Ghibli and that Die Hard is unequivocally the greatest action movie ever made.  He also has an inexplicable soft spot for anything starring Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp or Chow Yun-Fat, regardless of how hand-gnawingly awful they may be.

Laura Record

Laura has an obsession for movies that goes beyond the norm. She is especially fond of foreign films and has a particular passion for Korean, Chinese and Japanese cinema – with her favourite movie being Park Chan-Wook’s Joint Security Area.

She loves working with people and also somehow finds time to run a health and beauty business, specialising in home parties. She has a keen passion for all things Japanese and was lucky enough to go there with Mike on honeymoon in 2012.


Both Laura and Mike enjoy being part of a large, close family. They are surrounded by children of all ages and are passionate about them being treated fairly and with respect throughout their childhood. They believe that movies can be very powerful – the stories can lift your spirits, encourage empathy and sympathy as well as make you question your own opinions. Children should be able to enjoy the movies that will appeal to them without adults having to worry about the sudden appearance of unexpected content.